Apples ain’t apples? Not if you’ve got skin in the game!

Greetings food-lover!

Today,  I want to give you an insider’s secret to choosing apples! Yes, the humble apple.

And then I shall give you some news that will be useful for you if you like my recipes or my books! So stick around for some useful and practical tips and links.

So what’s all this about apples?

Apples: Those delicious shiny morsels of health that just about everyone eats at some time or another.

Ever noticed how attracted we are to shiny things? Shiny cars, shiny gadgets and yes, shiny apples.

We were at a fresh produce market a few weeks ago. We struck up a conversation with the apple cart guy. Normally I buy my apples at the local organic food store around the corner from my house. But this guy had these gorgeous looking cayenne chillis. And Robert and I are suckers for a good chilli or 3!

So we all got to talking. He had organic and non-organic produce. The non-organic apples had some white powdery substance on them and I asked him about that.

He said it was a kind of clay that is used as a ‘sunscreen’ for dem apples.

That’s when we started to talk about the shininess of the fruit.

Wax on, wax off

Here’s what I learned: That apples have their own natural waxes that are protective and preserves the apple. The wax makes the apple shiny – but only if you polish it. You have probably seen people polishing up their fruit on their shirt or sleeve.

The problem is, that the natural wax doesn’t keep a longstanding shine. After a shortish while, the shine disappears. But, you can polish it again!

Apparently however, that’s just not good for sales. Supermarkets want their apples shiny to make them more appealing. As history tell us too, wax has been used for centuries to help preserve fruit.

What supermarkets love to do with apples (you really don’t want to know)

These days however, you have to question everything because it’s not always the user who benefits. So, here’s what happens: The beautiful natural apples are washed in a bath that REMOVES the natural wax and its natural protectiveness.

Then it is passed through a melted wax that usually is made up of a wax and chemicals. The chemicals are in there to extend the shelf life.

This synthetic or natural wax has mold- inhibiting chemicals that – according to government agencies – is in amounts too small to poison us. Sounds like some serious justification to me.

No wonder some fruit is stored for months before it is presented for sale on the shelves.

Are your apples in hot water?

Hmmmm. Unfortunately in order to remove the synthetic waxes you would have to wash your apples in hot water. Do you know ANYBODY who does that? I guess you can peel them.

If I have any point that I would like to drive home today, it is this: Just KNOW what you’re buying. Not everyone can choose to buy pesticide-free or organic produce. It’s often very EXPENSIVE.

If you have the opportunity to go to a local market for your produce, then see if you can support the local growers. Ask them what love and attention they give to their food.

Maybe you will choose to peel your apples if they are very waxy. Or wash them super well.

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Look, I told you I would tell you some news. And it’s this.

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(Links are below)

No I realize that you may already own one of both of them and for that, my health-lovin’ friend, I thank you!

But you may want to let friends, family or other folk know.

Both my first recipe books ‘Green Smoothie Magic’ and ‘132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips’ are highly rated by hundreds with an average of 4.5 stars (oh grateful me) so I can guarantee you’ll find something in them for what is  considered to be a tiny price.

Here are the links:

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Next post I will wax more about … umm … waxes because there is more to tell.

Soon too, I will give you a chance to help me shape my next recipe books and ask you what you’re looking for.

So on that my fine fabulous food fanatic friend, I shall sign off with many thanks!

Warmest wishes for a healthy fun-filled life,

Gabrielle 🙂

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