• I am a college student and the Freshman 15 hit me hard and I've continued to gain weight for the past year. I am DESPERATE to lose weight before I graduate and start applying for jobs, so I began looking at recipes for healthy eating. I found this book and am truly in love. I have found a great way to eat more salads and low calorie foods and am already down 5 pounds since beginning.
    Hannah E.
  • I am a 48 year old, vegan, mother of 3 teens that aren't (vegan)! Her Hot Yoga Masterclass changed my yoga practice and my life with insightful tweeks to my yoga practice with great DVD's and a beautifully illustrated book that explains the do's and don'ts of hot yoga in more detail for a successful practice. Her Green Smoothie book gave interesting and great tasting options for smoothies that aren't the same old leafy greens, and the recipes are not always green! Now, Gabrielle does it again with great ideas for how to jump start your salads! It has suggestions on how to make more interesting salads than just plain greens and the usual toppings. There are also salad recipes that don't include leafy greens. There are REALLY great ideas for kids that have a tough time with veggies, like mine. These wonderful recipes will definitely make more interesting options and there are a lot of vegetables mentioned that don't get the attention they deserve:-). This book is easy to follow and written with Gabrielle's great sense of humor I can't wait to dig in!!
    vegan mom
  • This is so much more than a recipe collection. It's obvious that the author loves healthy salads and wants to impart that love to others. In addition to the more than 100 basic salad and dressing recipes, she includes suggestions of how to incorporate changes to make them uniquely your own. Moms will appreciate the recipes that even kids like. To me, a special bonus are the recipes for pesto and hummus and -surprise- non-dairy sour cream, cream, mayonnaise. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes salads, anyone who is not big on salads but would like to eat healthier, in short - everyone.
  • What a great book. There's really nothing about salads that isn't covered here. I've been making salads for years, yet I found so many new ingredients to use that I could make a different salad every day for a year and still not run out of ideas. I can't see how anyone could give this book less than 5 stars. This book is amazing.
  • I am awed by this book on Salads, Dips & Dressings. These are tremendous ideas for preparing beautiful salads, each one different from others, and for getting my dinner guests & family to eat the healthy stuff with gusto. Just when I thought I had read & seen it all on healthy nutritious eating, I am learning how to choose ingredients that complement each other, equipment to make the job easier & fun, and --- most important for my needs --- here I find how to make the "dinner salad" something exotic, yummy, unusual, comforting, trendy and/or gorgeous, with these innovative ideas and techniques.
    Ventana Amico

A wonderful new book by Gabrielle Raiz which will help you transform the average limp green salad into a culinary centerpiece!

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